Risk Analysis Services (RAS) helps level the playing field in the insurance marketplace!


We use RiskMap®, our proprietary software, to do a “deep dive” with our Clients’ Historical Loss Data, to potentially help lower insurance premiums, collateral requirements, and more, if the data supports it.

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For the Insured: Using RiskMap®, our proprietary automation -assisted AI-enhanced analysis application, we take historical loss data to forecast future losses which often helps reduce premiums.

For Insurers: We use clients’ data to improve the focus and profitability of insurers’ risk portfolios.

RAS works with: Self-Insureds, Captives, Captive Managers, Captive Consultants, Insurance Brokers, Risk Managers, CFOs and others.

RAS will be at the following conference later this year:

1) V.C.I.A. in Burlington, VT: Monday, August 12th through Wednesday, August 14th.

Please contact us if you would like to meet us in Burlington. Click on the brochure above for our contact information.

RAS was at the following conferences earlier this year:

1) RIMS RISKWORLD in San Diego, CA: May 4-8

2) Western Regional Captive Insurance Conference in Tulsa OK: April 15-17

Note from Alan Cantor, Cornell Grad ’70, Wharton MBA ’73, and Co-founder of RAS, being at the WRCIC:

“I haven’t been to Tulsa since the mid-1970s when, as a risk data analyst at Marsh HQ Risk Consulting and National Services in NYC, I was doing extensive risk analytics project work for the Williams Companies, helping them save millions of dollars on their risk management program. I’m excited to be back!”

“Alan is a Delight to Work With!”

“Alan helped us to reduce our Treaty Costs by over 15%!”

“Alan delivered exactly what was described.”

Risk Analysis Services’ helps organizations optimize their position in the insurance marketplace

RAS uses RiskMap ® , its proprietary IP, to dive deep into organizations’ historical loss data (Property/Casualty, Health/Benefits).

With this process, we are able to dive deeply into data, uncover hidden facts, and reveal actionable insights.

“Working with Alan and his team was a delight. One of the rare occasions where an expert service provider delivered exactly what was described.

The entire process was smooth and I am pleased to report Alan Cantor and Risk Analysis Services (RAS) were able to level the playing field for our client and their reinsurance broker in negotiations with the reinsurers, saving over 15% on their next renewal.“

James R. Girardin, President – Amethyst Captive Insurance Solutions, Burlington VT

AI Assisted Automated Analysis leads to Retention Optimization Solutions.

We use data to level the playing field in negotiations with underwriters, which often reduces the insureds’ premiums.

For insurers, we use data to improve the focus and profitability of their risk portfolios.

Michael Connell of ServPro’s Restoration Risk Retention Group (RRRG) describes how Risk Analysis Services helped RRRG in reinsurance negotiations, evaluation of effectiveness of a major initiative and other critical ways.

RAS Risk Analysis Delivers VALUE:

•      Initial Review Determines if Historical Loss Data may reasonably support negotiation of improved risk-retention and coverage position.

•      Calculate Self-Insured Retentions (SIRs) and Loss Layers that help maximize retention strategy.

•      Assess impact of Litigation Management and other programs in achieving savings in the arc of expected losses in the absence of such innovative strategies to help control the Enterprise Cost of Risk. Assess Enterprise Risk Management policies and strategies.

•      Assess validity of Premium and Cost Allocation strategies based on their correlation (or absence of correlation) with desired outcomes in inducing reduced frequency and/or severity of claims, thus achieving savings in the arc of expected losses.

•      Demonstrate impact of Safety & Loss Control programs in reducing frequency & severity of losses.

•      Analyze Potential Ways future losses might be reduced.

We are Pioneers in the Risk Analysis Field.

Alan Cantor has a history of being a pioneer in the risk analysis field. Alan Cantor wrote the first GENSIM – Generalized Simulation Model at Marsh in 1979 (using 4-character years, enabling GENSIM and its derivatives to be more readily used through the Y2K transition).

Using Mr. Cantor’s expertise in statistical forecasting, many years ago applied what he learned at Wharton to the benefit of major risks for organizations to enjoy the value of a more transparent and fairer treatment in the
insurance marketplace.

With the current proprietary RiskMap® automation of these proven technologies, RAS delivers
these benefits to a broad spectrum of organizations and enterprises at economically compelling value propositions.

RAS works with medium to large enterprises, public entities, Insurance Brokers, Consultants, MGAs, MGUs, Captives, Risk Retention Groups, Pools, Risk Placement Organizations, Fully insured to Self-Insured Entities, and more.

Level the playing field in the insurance marketplace

Save Money

Improve Operations

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Achieve Board Compliance

Reduce – Liberate Collateral

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