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Risk Analysis Services (RAS) helps level the playing field in the insurance marketplace.


Loss Forecasting

Loss forecasting

Accelerate Control of Risk Costs By Alan B. Cantor Risk Analysis Services LLC (RAS) has performed a unique analysis on Florida’s workers’ compensation system, including separately reviewing self-insured entities. Using proven methodologies and data-sets not previously analyzed, we conclude that the 2015 NCCI rate reduction for workers’ compensation rates in Florida has created an ideally … Read more

How RiskMap® Analyses of Driver Training Drove Operational Changes

Laidlaw Reduced Reserves by Millions

By Alan B. Cantor VP Corporate Risk Manager for Laidlaw Jeff Cassell was preparing to call his actuary for their quarterly appointment. Mr. Cassell was ready to report that he now had some new insights about operational losses. And he was preparing to discuss these projected losses in a new and more informed manner with … Read more