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RiskMap® Minimum Data Requirements


Data Requirements

(If you can answer YES to all 6 of
the following questions, you could
become a Very Satisfied Client!)

  1. Do you have 4 or more years of Loss Data (5 or more years preferred, 14 years max)?
  2. Do you have at least 10 or more of the same type of claims/year?
  3. Are you paying at least $500,000 in annual insurance premiums?
  4. Would you be interested in potentially lower insurance premiums and collateral requirements, if the data supports it?
  5. Are you open to speaking with RAS to find out how we typically work with our clients, and how we could work with you?
  6. Would you be willing to let us review you Loss Data, under a Mutual NDA, to do an Initial Analysis, to determine if a full analysis is likely to be beneficial?

“My business partner Alan Cantor began doing these type of analyses 50 years ago. If you answered YES to all 6 questions, we would be honored if you will give RAS a chance to show what we can do for you.”

Thank you,

Larry Rudwick
Co-Managing Member
Risk Analysis Services LLC

Loss Data (Unlimited Total Incurred)

Minimum of 4 years of Claims – Loss Run Data (Showing at least Coverage* Occurrence Date, Incurred Loss Amount). Successive Annual Valuations of Each Incurred Loss Year’s Claims**, if available, Showing Coverage*, Occurrence Date, Incurred Loss Amount (required for Loss Development)**

Exposure Data

Annual Historical Exposure Data corresponding to Loss Data years, and Estimated or Budgeted Exposure Data for the Current and Following Year (e.g., for WC: number of employees, payroll; for GL: $ sales or revenues; for Auto Liability: number of vehicles, number of miles; for Medical Insurance: census, # of members, by age group, by gender, …).

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  * If more than one coverage.

**Loss Forecasting requires at least 4-years of data (max 14), with or without successive annual valuations.   Successive Annual Valuations of Incurred Losses are required for Loss Development.